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The True Cost of Poor Quality

Price is only part of the equation. The costs for warranty administration, replacement parts, labor and re-engineering come straight off your bottom line when your part doesn't perform or hold up.

That's why Decatur Plastic Products (DPP) professionals will always look past just that single element of cost per piece to focus on the reliability and durability of every single component.

As your preferred supplier, we know poor quality can be costly. But more importantly, we know how to make sure your parts are the highest quality, and at a highly competitive price.

The Costly Low Price

A major Tier 1 automotive supplier to Mitsubishi came to us in a real panic. They had gotten an extremely low price for their part from someone else. But then the welded plastic glove box facings began detaching from the bin.

While not dangerous to drivers or occupants, it certainly did not make the new car owner happy, to say the least.

Obviously, their OEM customer wasn’t thrilled either.

The expense incurred to send people on site, set up replacement operations under tents in the parking lot, cater food for
their workers and rent hotel rooms was enormous. But despite this herculean effort, they still needed to find the problem and develop a fix.

That’s when the DPP professionals quickly went to work.

They assisted in the assembly process redesign, designed and purchased new welding equipment and tooling, and began production. In a short time, the problem was solved, DPP had a grateful and relieved customer, and their OEM was once again happy.

Lessons Learned: The true cost of a high quality part is far lower than just a low price for that part.



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