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Assembly and Finishing 

High quality molding is just the first part of the story. Regardless of your project scope, every capability from concept to completion is available at Decatur Plastic Products (DPP) and performed to the same exacting standards:
  • Pad or Silkscreen Printing 
  • In-Mold Decorating 
  • Polyurethane Foaming
  • Sonic, Spin or Vibration Welding 
  • Flocking 
  • Hot Stamping
  • Assembly


Assembly and Finishing Services

Complexity Made Simple: The 12 Step and 6 Process Project

A major Tier 1 supplier to Mitsubishi came to us in a real panic. 3-D Glove Box Assembly

They had gotten an extremely low price for their part from someone else. But then the welded glove box front panels (facings) began detaching. While not dangerous to drivers or occupants, it certainly made the new car owners unhappy, to say the least. Their OEM customer wasn’t thrilled either.

That's when the DPP professionals quickly went to work on this project, which was challenging both in its complexity and time constraints.

The Problem. A vibration welding process used to adhere the front panel to the bin
was not sufficiently robust to withstand normal use.

Overview. A total of six processes and twelve steps were involved to produce this part:

  1. Mold Black Beige Glove Box
    1. Front panel
    2. Bin
    3. Nylon hinges
    4. Sun glasses holder insert
  2. Heat stake metal safety panel on to front panel (facing)
  3. Flock (Fiber Coat)
    1. Bin
    2. Sun glasses holder insert
  4. Paint front panel (Class A Surface)
  5. Assemble
    1. Nylon hinges with roll pins
    2. Rubber bumpers to bin
    3. Felt squeak pads to bin
  6. Weld front panel assembly to bin

Solution. The DPP team evaluated bin and front panel design for “weldability”. Next they determined the best type of equipment required to assure that welds would be durable. Then they reviewed the nesting of the bins and front panels during vibration welding process.

The DPP Quality Manager (QM) quickly researched weld specifications with their Tier 1 customer, and found these did not exist at either the supplier or the OEM.

Consequently, the QM began conducting Design of Experiment (DOE) to determine Test Specification Criteria for critical pressure points. Following field examinations, a destructive testing process with variable data for five critical pressure points was designed. Test Specification Standards were supplied to both the Tier 1 Supplier and their OEM customer for review and approval. Destructive testing was then implemented as part of the Quality Assurance program.

Summary. The result was a 100% defect free product. All engineering and design capability was resident inside DPP.

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